Lost for 3 months by his owners, a dog sees 2 surfers facing strong winds to try to save him from a cave!

By rescuing a bitch they had discovered at random during their boat trips, the 2 young men were far from suspecting that she had a family and that it had been looking for it for months.

On 1 August, Zach Matty Regan and Johnson went on Vancouver Island, in Canada, there to indulge their passion that is surfing. They progressed on the water along the site of Juan de Fuca , where they could admire many caves . In one, they noticed an animal, reports Animal Channel . It was a dog , or rather a bitch .

The latter seemed hungry and in bad shape . She was shivering . What they didn’t know then was that she had been there for 3 months . A strong wind picked up, Zach Regan and Matty Johnson then decided that something had to be done for the dog. Despite the danger and their lack of equipment, they braved the strong currents and managed to get her aboard their boat.

They then wrapped her in a bag to warm her , and then brought her back to dry land. The rescue was reported on Canadian channel CTV . Luckily, he was seen by a friend of the owners of the bitch, who recognized him . He called them to tell them the news.

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The bitch is called, in fact, Stella . His masters had come to hike in Juan de Fuca last May to celebrate their honeymoon. Stella accompanied them. Unfortunately, they had lost her and, despite their research, they had never been able to find her.

However, this is all a thing of the past now. Thanks to Zach Regan and Matty Johnson , the family has been reunited .


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