Lost in a cornfield, this 3-year-old survives a whole night thanks to her Yorkshire

After losing track of her daughter and her dog, a mother was relieved to find that the quadruped had stayed with the girl the whole time to watch over her.

Timberlyn Merritt lives in Missouri (Midwestern United States) with her children, including her 5 year old daughter Remy , and her dog Heath . The latter is a Yorkshire Terrier who proved his bravery and loyalty in the most beautiful way 2 years ago.

One evening in June 2018, when Remy was 3 years old, she was playing on the swing with Heath , who was one year old. When her mother went out to check if everything was okay, she was horrified to see that her daughter was no longer there . The dog was also missing .

Timberlyn Merritt started screaming her child’s name as she searched around the house, but to no avail. She dialed the emergency number, 911, and soon after, around 100 people were helping to search the surrounding corn fields , as large as they were tall, with plants reaching 2.5 meters in height.

Mum’s biggest fear was the wild animals that often roamed the area, especially coyotes . The group spent the night looking for the duo, then, finally, one of the participants heard some familiar barking around 8am, from Heath’s . He and Remy were found side by side , a few hundred yards from the house. The dog had stayed with her all night long, protecting and comforting her .

In tears, Timberlyn Merritt hugged his daughter and hugged his 4-legged friend to thank him for looking after her. Besides a slight dehydration and a few mosquito bites , the two little runaways did not suffer from anything serious.

Here is a report retracing this story, with a reconstruction of the facts:

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