Elderly Lady Receives Groceries While Staying Safe at Home Thanks to Neighbors Dog

Due to her age and her illness which make her vulnerable, Renee must scrupulously respect the rules of containment against Covid-19. Fortunately, she can count on Sunny, the friendly neighbor dog, to deliver her groceries.

Sunny is a 7 year old Golden Retriever who lives in Manitou Springs , Colorado (Western United States). Very close to her owners’ house lives Renee , an elderly woman suffering from a respiratory illness . She is therefore one of the people at risk in the event of contamination by the new coronavirus . For her, compliance with confinement is all the more vital.

Living alone, she had no one to do her shopping . But that was without counting the famous Sunny . The owner of the adorable dog, Karen Eveleth , came to the aid of her neighbor from the start of the pandemic. She set up a small delivery system that was as simple as it was efficient.

Renee gives her list to Sunny , who hands it to Karen . The latter then goes to buy the requested products and gives the bag of provisions to the quadruped, who in turn gives it to Renee .

For the latter, Sunny does not just deliver what she needs on a daily basis. It also helps her to feel less alone and brings her comfort . As for the dog, he seems delighted to make the round trip between his house and that of his neighbor. He also appreciates the caresses he receives from him at their fair value.

Reported by Bored Panda , this beautiful story was reported on KKTV :

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