What is a Farter? How to be a Farter?

Illustration : "Qu'est-ce qu'un pet-sitter et comment le devenir ?"

as a pet nanny has attracted more and more people who are enthusiastic about dogs and animals. However, this is a demanding and regulated industry. Pet sitting is an increasingly popular solution. People are interested in pet sitting. From students to retirees. What is a domestic pet? What skills does he need? What is his mission? Finally, what steps are required to complete this activity??

summary what is the occupation of

pet nanny? How can you be a fart sitter? As a certificate of competency, an important document, a skill and quality that can make your job more perfect at the end of the month? Half of the French in

say they have pets. In a country with nearly 7.5 million dogs and 13.5 million cats, most of these families will have such a problem: “what is the occupation of

” pet nanny?

pet nanny is a pet nanny to some extent. When the customer is away, he is responsible for taking care of the customer’s dogs, cats, fish, rodents and even NAC. Pet nannies are usually professionals. Some people only take care of dogs, others can take care of less “traditional” species, such as reptiles.

therefore, the caregivers at home take care of animals, play with animals, take animals to parks, etc. During the whole time of his master’s absence, he took a walk, kept clean (brushing his teeth, bathing if necessary), fed and supervised him. With

, you can spend the night at home or at home, or visit pets during the day, etc. The purpose of

is to let dogs (or any other pets) spend the night at home or at home. He has all the care and care he needs, and doesn’t have to face loneliness during the owner or mistress’s business trip, business trip, weekend or hospitalization.

how can a person become a pet nanny? Skills and qualities required to become a pet nanny

pet nanny must first love animals. He is asked to understand and respect the dog or cat he takes care of. It must also understand its own characteristics and needs. Therefore, it is important to collect as much information as possible about animals, behaviors, habits and preferences from the owner. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. To learn more about

, we also look forward to pets sitting down, listening and availability. The customer needs to be assured, so he will be asked to contact him several times in his absence. Therefore, the keeper must keep in touch (of course, within a reasonable time) and keep informed of the situation and activities of his protected person. The


pet caregivers must also show a sense of responsibility and honesty. His client trusted him and left not only his pet but also his home. Finally, to be a good pet nanny, there must be a minimum organization. The more progress a person makes in this industry, the more customers he will have. Therefore, he must arrange working days to meet his needs.

competency certificate is an essential

document. If you want to engage in pet activities, you must obtain the competency certificate (CCAD: domestic pet competency certificate). Any such application must be submitted to:Ministry of social cohesion and population protection (contact information of each department can be found on the website of the Ministry of economy)

this certificate aims to ensure that people “understand biological, physiological and psychological needs,

in order to increase the chances of obtaining certificates, it is recommended that you receive training. Most training is conducted remotely. IFSA, Sherwood Animalia or course Animalia are all organizations that provide this kind of online learning.

can also read: how does the guard of pet nanny work?

is a job that can make your month end round? The prices of

pet nannies vary greatly. This varies from simple to five times, depending on the experience of individuals and the benefits they provide, but also on the characteristics of the animals to be raised (species, race, size, specific needs…). A confirmed pet caregiver usually charges about 20 euros per animal per day.

when calculating, you will find that a pet caregiver works every day of the week and earns only a few hundred euros at the end of the month. Of course, when a person can take care of multiple animals at the same time, the reward will be higher, but it must be limited to a reasonable number. The welfare of dogs, cats or other animals must come first. “

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