Faced with the suffocation of a puppy, this policeman on duty decides to apply all the resuscitation gestures he knows to try to save him!

When he saw that a dog needed rescuing, the police officer at North Reading Police Station knew immediately what to do.

Megan Vitale was very happy to have adopted Bodhi , a 9 week old Saint Bernard puppy. She nearly lost him the day after he arrived home, however, but he was rescued by a police officer , as reported by Animal Channel .

The little dog has indeed choked on his food . In a panic , its owner sought the closest help, which was none other than the police headquarters in North Reading , in the state of Massachusetts (northeastern United States). The scene was filmed using surveillance cameras from the police station.

The young woman and her friend showed up at the entrance, the puppy in their arms. The latter could no longer breathe and had lost consciousness . They didn’t know what to do to save him. Officer Jorge Hernandez, on the other hand, did not procrastinate upon seeing Bodhi . He knelt down and began to put pressure on his abdomen . “ It didn’t seem to work at first, then I heard a sound of expelled air ,” said the policeman. In fact, what had just come out was the food that was obstructing his airways .

Shortly after, the firefighters arrived on the scene in turn and one of them put an oxygen mask specially designed for pets on the mouth of the young Saint-Bernard. Having come to his senses and out of danger , the animal could be taken to the vet .

In a statement, North Reading Police praised the speed and composure with which Officer Hernandez responded to rescue the puppy, hoping the puppy will fully recover.


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