A dog is violently attacked by 2 Pitbulls in his garden. A neighbor tries to intervene

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On the afternoon of Sunday March 21, a dog was surprised by two mastiffs while playing quietly in his backyard in Pawtucket, Rhode-Island. The latter threw themselves on him, under the terrified gaze of his owners. A neighbor saw the scene, he tried to intervene.

These two Pitbulls were from Slater Park, […] they broke into our backyard, ” owner Elliot White told abc6 . The assailants were filmed walking through the shrubs and fences of the private lot on their way to Rex , an Airedale Terrier. To deter them, the dog barked at the intruders, without success. Terrifying howls then spread…

ABC6 (screenshot)

The 2 Pitbulls violently assaulted the Burrow at his home

Elliott White’s mother, present at the house that day, found out about the terrible attack taking place in the yard. She then cried out for help.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan heard the cries of distress and rushed to where the merciless fight was taking place. One of the Pitbulls held Rex tightly by the neck and frantically rocked him back and forth. To rid him of his attacker, the neighbor hit him with his baseball glove several times, until he let go of his grip. The two large canines then fled.


Finding Pit Bull Owners

The intervenor, who wished to remain anonymous, saved Rex in time. “ He was just brave running in there ,” White argued. According to the veterinarian, the survival of the Terrier is a miracle. Strewn with bites, the healer must have shaved his head.

The family now hopes to find out the owners of the 2 dogs, in particular to find out if they have been vaccinated. A report has been sent to Pawtucket Animal Control.

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ABC6 (screenshot)

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