Homeless, a couple and their dog receive help and shelter!

Robert and his companion were happy. They had a nice house and had just adopted a dog. Overnight, everything disappeared (except the animal). They were kicked out of their accommodation and had to survive, in the cold, in their car. A very complicated period which fortunately ended a few months ago.

In a matter of weeks, life can take an unexpected and dramatic turn . Robert and his companion were living happy days. One fine day, they decide, together, to adopt Meaty , a dog who had all the qualities required to fulfill this indescribable happiness .

“ We had a beautiful house, a beautiful dog and we had a lot of fun ,” he recalls in a letter posted on the Petco Foundation website. Two months later, the beautiful story was shattered . They had become, in an instant, homeless following an eviction from their home .

Robert was unemployed despite obtaining a master’s degree . Her partner worked in favor of the county . Unfortunately, their status as deportees has done them a great deal of disservice. “ Finding a home after that was almost impossible, ” says Robert . Money started to run out and in order to survive the 2 men had to sell most of their possessions . They then lived in their car for two months .

Free accommodation

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Six months later, the trio are better. He has regained a taste for life, slowly climbing the slope . Robert will never have enough words to thank his canine. “ I saved him when he was safe, and he saved me when I was homeless. The summary of their whole life.


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