A man saves a dog swept away by the waves by carrying it on his back, his owners had lost control of their canoe!

In Australia, a dog found himself in the water battling the waves after his owner’s boat overturned. Fortunately, a surfer was nearby and quickly came to his aid.

You don’t go canoeing or kayaking ” and “ you certainly don’t take an animal with you ” when the waves are so high and so close together. This is what Vasco Vellez told Australian channel 7News after rescuing a dog that was in danger of drowning . The man was therefore both happy to have rescued the animal and dissatisfied that his master had put him in such danger .

This rescue took place on May 24. That day, he was surfing on his electric foil board and was about to return to Currumbin beach, in the town of Gold Coast (East Australia). It was then that he noticed the dog struggling to stay afloat. He had just fallen into the water after his master’s kayak overturned.

Vasco Vellez immediately walked over to the animal to help it, while 2 other surfers went to the aid of its owner. The dog was struggling to swim , but the waves mistreated and disoriented him . As soon as Vellez joined him, the quadruped was able to climb on his back and remained there until a lifeguard arrived at the controls of a personal watercraft, who brought him back to dry land.

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