Man immediately puts his car up for sale to save his dog’s life

Since Gemini was born, he and his owner Randy Etter have always been together. When he realized one day that his dog was not in his normal state, he did everything in his power to save him and prevent him from a death that seemed inevitable.

It all started when Gemini was playing with Etter’s partner’s daughter. Baby and dog were having fun when the tragedy happened inadvertently. That day the baby was having fun throwing away his bottle, hoping that Gemini would bring it back to him. Each time Randy quickly picked it up, washed it and returned it to the baby, unfortunately a moment of inattention led to disaster. Without his master realizing it, the dog had grabbed the bottle and ingested the pacifier.

When Gemini began vomiting uncontrollably, his father soon realized that something was not right and he immediately transferred urgently to the vet.

“I lost my job driving him from vet to vet, and it seemed like I wasn’t going to get the help he needed on time,” Randy said. When a vet was finally able to confirm that Gemini was suffering from an intestinal blockage and needed surgery , a new problem made the dog’s care beyond reach. The $ 4,500 that the operation cost was still an amount the man definitely did n’t have .

Losing Gemini was not an option , so he decided to sell his car to try and raise at least some of the money needed to save his best friend’s life . Eventually, a friend was able to lend him $ 2,000 , but it still was n’t enough. Finally, it was a local charity that heard about the story of the man selling his car for his dog who offered to help and raised another $ 3,000!

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Thanks to all these donations , Gemini was able to be operated . He is recovering well now , safe in the arms of his father and his best friend .


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