When a wrong number makes a dog lover happy

Stormy Rose Bruce has never been happier to receive a message from a wrong number. Sent by mistake by someone she did not know, its content was a very nice surprise for this young woman who loves dogs.

When Stormy Rose Bruce received a text from a number she didn’t know and opened it, she burst out laughing. She had just lived a particularly painful day, relates The Dodo , and what the screen of her smartphone was showing raised her spirits as if by magic.

It did not take more, therefore, to give a whole new tone to the day of Stormy Rose Bruce . After realizing his mistake , the sender apologized to her, but the young woman replied that he didn’t have to, and that other photos of the dog would even be the ones. welcome.

They both had a good-humored conversation. Here’s a screenshot, followed by the translation:

– Sorry, wrong number, haha

– It was the best message from a fake number in my life, thank you very much. Lyla is beautiful!

– Haha, please!

– Do not hesitate to send me others

– Lol, I have very blundering dogs

The dog is therefore a bitch , responding to the name of Lyla . It is a Coonhound , a family of 6 breeds of hunting dogs developed in the United States, recognized by the UKC (United Kennel Club), but not by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

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As promised, another photo of her was sent to Stormy Rose Bruce shortly after, still showing the bitch in the washing machine, but from a slightly different angle.


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