A volunteer intervenes on a highway to try to save a stray dog unable to move (Video)

The Hope For Paws association was called to intervene in the middle of a California highway, where a dog was in desperate need of help. Seriously injured, she had to be rescued quickly.

At the end of December 2020, Eldad Hagar , founder of the Hope For Paws association , learned that a damaged dog was on a busy freeway in southern Los Angeles , as I Love My Dog So Much recounts.

He went to the scene and quickly located the animal. The little dog was motionless at the foot of the guardrail , a few meters from the vehicles passing at full speed .

Eldad Hagar slowly approached her. When their eyes met, he immediately understood that she desperately needed someone to help him, but also that she trusted him . He wrapped her in a blanket and carried her carefully, being careful not to rush her bruised body.

The bitch suffered from multiple fractures , especially in the tibia. She had to be cleaned first, because her dirty and matted hair was not likely to facilitate the work of the vets . The Hope For Paws team groomed her while reassuring her , then gave her a good meal .

The bitch, a Poodle cross estimated to be 2 years old, was named Pee-Poo . She underwent several operations , all of which went perfectly. Pee-Poo was gradually recovering.

Recently a new family has been found for her. The bitch has, in fact, been adopted by a woman by the name of Laettia Wajanpel , moved by her story which here is in video :

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