Hugo Lloris acquires a personal guard dog: a German shepherd!

Hugo Lloris, the famous goalkeeper of the Tottenham football team, offers himself a watchdog for € 17,000.

In order to ensure the safety of his family in his absence, the professional sportsman has made the choice to be replaced by a watchdog from Elite Protection Dogs, reports The Sun.

Elite Protection Dogs is a team of trainers of German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherds, based in London. The team focuses only on dogs of these two dog breeds and whose backgrounds include the military and the police .

It is stated on their official page that Elite Protection Dogs are trained to protect their owners. The education they receive during their time with the professionals on the team teaches them to stand between any danger their guardian might encounter.

German and Belgian Shepherds are renowned for their high intelligence which makes them a top choice in the military and police around the world.

Two types of intensive training are carried out by the Elite Protection Dogs team depending on whether you want to train guard dogs or personal protection dogs.

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Guard dogs are trained to be very independent. Unlike personal guard dogs, they are not prone to affectionate relationships with humans. They do not accept food from strangers and immediately alert them to their presence. These dogs are trained to guard the great outdoors and their acquisition starts at around € 11,000.

Personal protection dogs develop loving relationships with their owners and are very protective, especially with children. These are accessible from € 17,000.

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