While he was seriously ill, his dog’s visit changed everything!

In Brazil, a hospitalized man was able to see his beloved dog again. In the wake of this reunion, the doctors noted significant improvements in his state of health.

Suffering from cancer , Flavio Santos has been hospitalized for some time and could not, until then, see his dog Agadir , as The Dodo recounts. It was undoubtedly what saddened him the most, as the love which binds the 2 beings is strong. But the staff of the Hospital Memorial San Jose organized a great first for this establishment located in Recife : the visit of an animal . The nurses therefore planned the arrival of Agadir , to the delight of Flavio Santos .

This is how the man and the Long-haired Collie were finally able to meet again and spend time together. His master could not hold back his tears. Tears of joy , of course. Family and healthcare team were also very moved by attending this reunion . The sequence of events was going to surprise everyone, starting with the doctors .

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It didn’t take much more to make Dr Tancredi consider letting Flavio Santos out of the hospital much earlier than expected . He will soon be able to be alongside his dog Agadir and spend as much time as possible with him. Doctors do not yet venture to speak of healing , but what is certain is that we are on the right track .


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