After a year of stalking, an association manages to apprehend a stray and sick dog to offer him a loving home!

Several volunteers mobilized to save a suffering dog, but the latter systematically managed to escape them. Finally, after a year of effort, the animal was rescued.

A stray dog, Amethyst also suffered from various health problems and was in desperate need of help. However, she did not allow herself to be approached , as The Dodo recounts.

Shana Breeden , a volunteer , had heard of her in September 2017 and immediately set out to find her. He was told that the dog often hangs out near a store in Houston , Texas. Every evening, the young woman went to the place after work, hoping to find her, but in vain.

I hate leaving a dog on the street. Once I see one, I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t forget them, ”she told The Dodo . Shana Breeden posted ads on social media, went door-to-door with other volunteers, but Amethyst seemed to be gone . She feared the worst for the latter.

It was only 5 months later that she learned that a man had seen the dog in a small abandoned residence . Shana Breeden attended and did find her there, but her condition had worsened . She had lost all of her hair and her eyes were infected . Unfortunately, again, Amethyst had fled .

Another 4 months passed, and another volunteer from Houston , Heather Lowery , decided to take matters into her own hands. With the help of a group of volunteers, she was finally able to put an end to the dog’s long run in distress, after 5 hours of effort.

Amethyst was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic , where she was diagnosed with more than one disease: scabies , but also heartworm disease , an eye infection , parasitosis and anemia in particular. Fortunately, the Houston K-911 Rescue organization funded all of his care.

When the dog left the clinic, Heather Lowery welcomed her into her home. Suspicious and scared at first, Amethyst only began to trust her after a month . Then the 2 of them got very close to each other . The bitch’s state of health improved significantly and her hair began to grow back .

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Progress followed very closely by the one who had been the first to try to save her. Shana Breeden indeed visited him and was more than moved to see his metamorphosis .


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