The best O names for a dog

2018: this is the year of the O. You may not yet know what name to give to your future pet while respecting this letter. The sources are multiple and almost endless. Rather original or classic? Here are some tips to give you inspiration.

Deciding on your dog’s name is a big responsibility. Your dog will have to endure or proudly wear this name for the rest of his life. Thus, for more than 10 years, even 15, it will have to respond to the appellation of its name. It must therefore be both easy to use for him and for you. Choosing a name must meet several criteria that you can define according to your conception of the thing:

  • Your dreams
  • Your desires
  • Your passions
  • Your culture, your origin
  • A historical fact, a wink

If your dog is not registered with the LOF (Société centrale canine), it is much easier to give it a name. Indeed, it is not subject to the rule of the first letter imposed. Thus, it is possible, in this year 2018, to call him Archimedes or even Nestor see Rantaplan , in reference to Lucky Luke’s dog.

In all cases, it is advisable to give it a fairly short name, easily pronounced and which does not exceed 2 syllables. A good Snowy , Ficelle or Roxane suits better than a Balthazar for example.

What to do if your dog is registered with the LOF?

A little history

Moreover, the Société Centrale Canine has served as an example for the LOOF, in cats. He set up this system for canines in 1926 in order to recognize more simply the year of birth of the dog. Indeed, the latter is, in fact, directly linked to his name thanks to his initial.

In 1973, the Société Centrale decided to exclude letters deemed too complicated: K, Q, W, X, Y, Z. Suddenly, every 20 years, the cycle starts again at its beginning. Thus, the O of 2018 was that of 1998 or even 1978.

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Which letter for 2018?

After the “N” of 2017, the “M” of 2016 ”or even the“ L ”of 2015, make way for the“ O ”. He is making his comeback 20 years after his last appearance.

Some rules must be followed scrupulously, as mentioned by the Canine Society . Thus, names exceeding 28 characters are prohibited, special characters other than the hyphen and the apostrophe are banned, just like the name of another French or foreign affix, the words Du, Des, De, La, Un , etc., foreign words like Of, In, Von, Vom, Aus.

Some exceptions are tolerated for the affixes. So, if you want to call your puppy Orée du Bois, you won’t be able to use that exact spelling. You will have to call it, without affix, Oree, or with affix, Oreedubois or Oree-du-bois.

2018 is an opportunity to bring Odicé , Offélia or even Osiris up to date . You can also compete in your imagination among the 18,000 possible names, like Olala , try an Oktave unless you are Optu or think you are Obispo . Or get up to speed with current music with Ofenbach.

Always keep in mind that your dog’s name should be worn for a maximum of 15 years. He will have to assume it as well or more than you. He will have to learn to answer it and hear it clearly. Therefore, a simple name is recommended, especially not complicated to pronounce. Do not hesitate to be inspired by all your imagination or references which are specific to you.

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In 2017, it is the timeless Nala , mother of Simba in The Lion King, who had triumphed as the name most given to a dog. She was ahead of Naya and Nina . Simple, short and punchy names. The explosive cocktail.

The best O names for your dog</p

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