Saved by a loving family, each day this dog can’t help but smile

A bitch has the most expressive of smiles after charitable souls save her from the streets.

Layla is a Pitbull bitch. When she was 7 months old, Beaumont Animal Care found her on the streets of Texas . She was alone and scared. She wandered through crowded and dangerous streets.

At the shelter , the dog was initially suspicious. Then, seeing that everyone around her was caring and sensitive, she began to relax and realize that she was safe .

She even smiled.

Rachel Barron is a member of the shelter that took in Layla . She tells Animal Channel how she managed to win the bitch’s sympathy. She began to address her with the voice you use when talking to babies. Layla totally loved that soft voice calling out to her and she smiled.

Barron found this smile so cute that she decided to share a video on the internet.

Several internet users saw this video and adoption requests started to rain.

Nicole Toney and her husband have met Layla several times at the shelter. After some petting and play sessions, the shelter decided that the couple was perfect for taking care of the dog.

Layla had therefore returned with them. She met the 3 dogs and 2 cats the couple adopted previously.

Love at first sight was instant between Layla and some of the animals in the troop. With others, it took a little longer. But the whole company ended up appreciating each other and starting to play together.

Today Layla has grown up and she hasn’t lost any of the charm of her smile.

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