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rarely makes it easy to manage mobility. Life is more complicated, especially because of the emotional burden associated with the old house. This is very disturbing for everyone. Dogs are also concerned, so they need to be fully prepared for this change.


is a source of interference and stress for dogs. Prepare quietly and don’t leave it during the preparation process. Let it adapt to the new environment

move, This has never been a trivial matter. It has brought profound changes to every family member, especially the dog. He knows that a major change is taking place, excitement, tension around him, and intense activities at home have brought him pressure.


animals are preparing to move from a place with their own clues and habits to another new place. Therefore, he should be prepared for this change to avoid causing him more trouble and help him have his new home in the best way.

is a source of interference and stress for the dog

. If he really doesn’t understand what happened, He can see signs of upcoming major changes: very active, the arrival of strangers (porters), excitement, tension, the loss of furniture and items constituting his logo, etc.


move many times and come and go, which will bring pressure to him. The voltage can be easily communicated to him. At the same time, the dog is preparing to leave his home, a place where he has his own clues, familiar smell and familiar sound, and go to another place he doesn’t know at all. Dogs have good adaptability, but they need some time.


note that they are too busy. You may pay less attention to them and make them feel neglected. The dog’s emotional state is very unstable. Misunderstanding of all this confusion, coupled with the sadness that they are no longer loved as before in the preparation process.

lose their way, and animals may show problematic behaviors, such as destroying objects, urinating accidents, repeated barking, etc.

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, and the most important thing is to be as quiet as possible when moving. This is a difficult compromise because this type of surgery is usually irritable and noisy, but real efforts must be made for the welfare of the dog.

screams, anger, noise and other emergencies must be alleviated. If this is impossible, the best way is to keep the animal in an empty room, but there should be something that can reassure it: its bed, beans, chewing bones, toys…

it is best to give it to friends or parents to avoid all these worries.

Don’t leave him in the process of preparing

, try to leave him some time. Use your break time to give him a privileged moment during which you can play with him, hug him and talk to him. It is important to let him understand that he will not be ignored and you will always take care of him.

allows him to adapt to the new

environment before d day, and let him visit the new house many times if possible. Let him have time to find this place, smell it, adapt to the smell and adapt to the environment.These tours, bring her favorite toys and even carpets. Take a belt (to avoid unpredictable behavior) and get familiar with it nearby.

makes it easier for it to find its location when you move in. Similarly, tell it where it sleeps from the beginning. Be firm and do not succumb to the natural groans of the night. This place is new. It’s normal for him to cry. If you give in, you may make him refuse to sleep in this room in the future.

in order to help him adapt to these changes, you can use some auxiliary products, such as petcool Soothing Essential Oil, which are sold in the form of diffuser or spray. When preparing to move, you can use them as diffusers and use them in your new home. Why not spray them when you visit and go out. Consult your veterinarian. A golden rule: don’t push him, let him adapt to his behavior.

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