The SPA denounces a sad record of abandonment of pets for the summer of 2021 and asks to stop the “hemorrhage”

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It was unfortunately predictable. After the craze for dogs, cats, NACs and other pets during periods of confinement, it is the backlash. The SPA reports nearly 17,000 abandonments recorded in its shelters this summer. A sad record…

16,894 animals were welcomed in the shelters of the Society for the Protection of Animals between May 1 and August 31. This represents an increase of 7% compared to the previous record of 2019. An observation made by the SPA in a statement where it calls on the authorities to react to put an end to this worrying trend.”


With the health crisis and the implementation of periods of confinement, many people had turned to the adoption or purchase of a pet to help them better live isolation. These new masters were not all fully prepared and did not necessarily have the necessary knowledge to really take care of their animals. Many of them have, alas, ended up making the decision to part with it.”

” The abandonment of NACs and cats in sharp increase

THE NACs (new pets) have suffered enormously from this phenomenon. 850 of them were abandoned this summer, 82% more than in 2019.”


The cats were not happier, since they are 11,669 to have been welcomed in the shelters of the SPA after their abandonment. This corresponds to an increase of 19% compared to what was required 2 years earlier.”


As for dogs, the SPA took care of 4,360 in its establishments, half of which were directly abandoned there. However, the Society for the Protection of Animals notes a positive point; the significant and continuous decline of dogs from pounds, obtained through identification, which empowers the masters and constitutes one of the best ramparts to wild abandonment.”


More and more animals victims of abuse

The statement also cites the dramatic and worrying increase in rescues carried out alongside judicial authorities. In other words, animals rescued in the course of investigations into cases of abuse and neglect. They are thus 856 to have been torn from their daily ordeal, 5 times more than in 2019.”

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Finally, the SPA highlights the tremendous work done by independent local associations despite their limited means, and gives them its support. It is in this logic that it calls for the withdrawal of Article 3 bis of the bill to strengthen the fight against animal abuse. The latter will be submitted to the Senate for first reading. The provision denounced by the SPA would prohibit small associations that do not have a shelter from collecting animals.”

Conversely, it invites senators to validate the 2 articles of the said bill which intended to prohibit the sale of animals in pet stores and strengthen the framework of online sales and transfers.”

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