Abandoned with a gigantic tumor, this dog begins a new chapter in his life

Hattie was brought by her owners to a shelter in Texas (United States), to be euthanized. The reason ? A huge tumor ravaged her tiny body.

The image of this gigantic ball growing on the side of the bitch is hardly believable. And yet, this is not a trick.

Hattie has been overlooked by her former owners. The latter allowed the tumor to grow for 2 years. The animal did not receive any care during this time. Given the extent of the damage, they decided to take his life. They abandoned him in a Texan shelter to be euthanized.

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But the canine caught the attention of the Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform. This organization aims to save and treat mistreated animals in the region.

The volunteers were shocked by the condition of their new protégé. The vet who took care of her likened her tumor to a bowling ball, reports Dogheirs .

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The tumor weighed nearly 7 kilograms

This outgrowth caused a lot of trouble for the dog. She suffered from imbalance in particular, and we can understand why …

Its benefactors have not let it down like its former owners, and have taken action. The veterinarian carried out an unprecedented operation in order to remove the object of his miseries.

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Fortunately, the surgery went well, Hattie is a brand new dog. The healer revealed that the tumor weighed nearly 7 kilograms! It is a real weight in less for the quadruped.

Today, Hattie feels lighter and freer, having overcome this heavy ordeal. She had the chance to meet caring people, who did everything to improve her living conditions.

And to top it off, Hattie got adopted. Her new family takes care of her and fills her with love on a daily basis.

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© Dallas Dog RRR


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