Teach his dog to get the mail back

Illustration : "Apprendre à son chien à rapporter le courrier"

in a few simple steps, your dog will learn how to return mail to you. This will make you don’t have to walk around and make your partner have fun. He will like to please you.


step 1: teach him how to report the object. Step 2: let him do the same thing with

email Anyone lucky enough to live with a dog knows that our dog has extraordinary intelligence and sensitivity. They are characterized by strong learning ability, and they like to learn new things.

as long as we let their exercises be presented to them in an interesting and pleasant way, they will be very happy to obtain and copy them. Every trick we teach them is like this, such as bringing back something special. This exercise can be fully adapted to Mail reports. How can our dog learn to return the letter left by the postman to us?

step 1: teach him to bring back a

item. First, teach your dog to bring back something. To do this, please do it in a quiet place, away from distracting elements and noise. Kdspe receives suggestions from woopets by registering for my newsletter. Your email address is collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and transaction offers. Learn more about throwing out with her favorite toy. Once he gets it back, go to him, congratulate him, shoot at the object, get it back, and then give him a candy at the exact time he releases it. If he doesn’t want to let go, shake the candy to excite him and turn his attention to the latter. Repeat this exercise for several days. Start again, but don’t approach the dog when it gets back. Throw the toy back and lure it back to you with candy. Give it to him only when he comes back to you with a toy. Reward him and congratulate him. Repeat this exercise for a few days. Now, associate a verbal command (“give”, “coward”) with giving you the toy. Gradually increase the throwing distance. Reduce the use of candy, but don’t forget voice teaching. Step 2: ask him to do the same for the

email. Now, you will deal with the email report itself. To do this, just replace the toy with an envelope.


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for the first time, your dog will certainly not be interested in this object because of its light, flat and unattractive throwing trajectory. You can make a pile of envelopes with rubber bands and throw them on them. Then, in front of him, you can take an envelope out of the package, throw it out and shake it first to stimulate his interest. Once he releases the envelope (always say “give” or “let go”), give him a candy and congratulate him. Then slide the envelope under the door and make sure your dog sees what you’ve done and sees the “target”. Both of you stay away from the door and ask him to get the envelope back. You will slowly take out the candy so that he will only obey oral orders.

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