When this dog sees people using this giant slide, he can’t resist the temptation

Life with Bento / Instagram

Bento is the kind of dog who is not afraid of challenges. He is also the type who does not miss any opportunity to have fun. So, when he found himself in front of an improvised slide on the beach, he did not hesitate for a single second to experience it in his turn.

Golden Retrievers have that little something that most dog lovers will love. It is the sumptuous mix of their personalities , made at the same time of kindness and playfulness , and which sometimes pushes them to adopt surprising and amusing behaviors .

This is precisely the case with Bento , a “Goldie” who lives with his parents in Brazil. They have even created an Instagram account in his name, where they regularly post adorable photos and videos of him.

Recently, he accompanied them to a beach in Fortaleza , a town in the state of Ceara in northeastern Brazil. That day, people had installed a sort of improvised water slide . It started from the top of a sand dune and ran to the water below.

Everyone had a blast, including the owners of the dog, who watched them with great envy. He ultimately could not resist the call of adventure . He in turn threw himself on the slide and let himself slide on the trickle of water to the bottom. He even offered himself a second pass .

This is what Instagram show 2 videos below (press the side button to see the 2 nd sequence):

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