The happiness of a bitch blind for years discovering the world for the first time

Blind for most of her life, Hazel had learned to orient herself through her other senses and was gradually adjusting to her new surroundings. Then an operation allowed him to regain his sight. A new life has thus begun for this adorable dog.

All her life, a Pitbull dog named Hazel had to orient herself by relying on her smell, hearing and touch. She was, indeed, totally blind. So her chances of finding a home seemed almost nil, but a lot of people believed in her, and medicine worked wonders, as the Animal Channel recounts.

She was first entrusted to a foster family, that of Elli and Samantha . The couple went out of their way to help Hazel find her feet and feel confident in her new surroundings. They arranged the house to make it safer and provide it with as much space as possible, including moving the furniture.

The Dodo / Facebook

The Dodo / Facebook

A new start in life

Hazel was ready to be adopted. This is how she joined the family of Allison and Pete , who fell in love with her when they discovered her story through the association Mr. Bones & Co.

While the organization was looking for a family for the dog, the dog was about to undergo an operation to restore her sight. Allison and Pete were happy to be privileged witnesses to this double big change in Hazel’s life.

The Dodo / Facebook

The intervention took place and, for the first time in her life, Hazel could see the world around her. She was turned on by everything she discovered, even the most mundane things.

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As her vision improved, the bitch grew in confidence and her zest for life only increased day by day. His transformation is as spectacular as it is moving.


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