20 beautiful photos of an Akita Inu keen on hiking

An Akita-Inu and its owner are happy to hike and hike again. These photos illustrate their adventures.

Pubea W. Jaksarn started taking his dog Akita-Inu on a hike when the latter was only 10 weeks old. The dog named Aiyuki enjoyed this encounter with nature. So much so that the pair have continued to tour the great natural spaces exhausted.

Here are 20 photos of an Akita-Inu on a hike.

1. Running in such a large space is great for keeping it in shape.

2. A photo of Aiyuki puppy during his first hikes

3. The leash is very important for the safety of pets when going out.

4. The storm is brewing but that does not prevent him from continuing to play in the field.

5. The sun is setting after a great day in nature

6. The time has come to take shelter

7. Flowers and green grass are a real boost to the morale of this nature-loving dog

8. He knows how to stop and take the time to appreciate the view

9. He noticed that the sky was covered

10. Spending time in the great outdoors can never be enough

11. He ended up becoming an expert in meteorology

12. Such an active dog can only be at his best, both mentally and physically.

13. Even when the leaves have all fallen and everything has turned white, Aiyuki is off for a hike.

14. A walk in the forest on a sunny day

15. The whole village has heard of the 4-legged adventurer

16. He loves to feel the wind on his face

17. The snow makes the forest particularly beautiful

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18. This does not prevent him from wanting to take his naps.

19. Smell is the superpower of dogs

20. Aiyuki admiring the snowy branches


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