A team of volunteers forced to take the puppies away from this stray dog to rescue them

To save a dog and her cubs, the volunteers had to take risks with her. The mother of the puppies was, in fact, extremely suspicious and refused to be helped.

In South Korea, a female dog who had recently given birth found refuge under a pile of tree trunks collected at a construction site. However, the site in question was to be demolished soon, and it was therefore necessary to save the small family of canines as quickly as possible , according to Animal Channel .

Volunteers from the local Korean K9 Rescue organization tried to capture the dogs to protect and care for them, but the bitch always managed to get them because she was afraid of them.

Karlee , a member of the association, finally managed to get close to the g’s, while their father remained elusive . She and the other Korean K9 Rescue volunteers did not have a cage to trap the mother. They then thought of attracting him with his young . They first placed them in the back of their vehicle, hoping the bitch would get on it, but to no avail. They then tried to entice him with food, with no more success.

The situation lasted for a week, during which the volunteers could only leave them food and water on site. Until a local resident, who used to feed these stray dogs, came up with an amazing plan for Karlee . He suggested putting the puppies in the back of his van to get the dog to follow them . Karlee wasn’t thrilled, but since everything had been tried to no avail, she finally agreed.

She left in her car first, followed by the local who was carrying the young dogs in his van. As soon as he started, the dog started to run behind , as expected. The driver was driving very slowly and had turned on his hazard lights, to minimize the risk of an accident . He stopped several times during the 10 minute trip to give the dog time to rest and drink.

The convoy finally arrived at Karlee’s home, who immediately released the puppies into her backyard. They were soon joined by their mother . However, it was not over yet. The dog, always so wary , preferred to jump over the fence rather than go through the door. In doing so, she frightened the neighbors.

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Karlee then made him some chicken . A dish which the dog could not resist . It was the first step towards building trust . The puppies and their mother were now safe with the volunteer. She will continue to take care of them until they are old enough to be adopted. She will also work to find a family for their mother.


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