Firefighters intervene and save a Dachshund stuck for 4 hours under a tree in a rabbit hole

In England, no less than half a dozen firefighters were mobilized to rescue a dog, the latter having had the bad idea of snooping in a rabbit hole. In doing so, the quadruped found itself trapped there for 4 long hours.

The canine in question was being walked by its owner on the evening of November 8 in Richmond Park , located in southwest London , when he spotted a rabbit hole under a tree.

The Dachshund then decided to inspect the place , regardless of the risk he was taking. The dog rushed into the narrow underground tunnel and eventually got stuck there , with no possibility of getting out, Metro reports.

Unable to help him, his master called for help. A team of 6 firefighters quickly arrived on the scene and the somewhat delicate rescue operation was immediately set up after night had fallen.

The rescuers worked hard, lit by their torches, to clear a passage allowing the animal to be freed. Eventually, they managed to get it back safe and sound , before returning it to its relieved and grateful owner.

In total, the dog spent 4 hours in this burrow before finding the open air. Photos of the rescue were posted on Twitter by the Royal Parks Police :

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