For a magical moment, she brings her grandmother’s dog back to the hospital, passing her off as a baby

Hospitalized for a few days following an allergic reaction to certain drugs, a 79-year-old grandmother found herself separated from her dog. Desperate, she was able to count on the help of her granddaughter to bring her to her …

Sometimes there is nothing more annoying than being in the hospital for several days and in fairly decent shape . Donna , 79, is no longer really young. However, when she ended up in the hospital, it was by no means a life-threatening emergency . She had just had an allergic reaction to medication . The doctors preferred to keep her for a few days under observation.

Except that Donna had never, or very little, been separated from her dog , Patsy . 13 years old, she had to fend for herself in her house temporarily abandoned by her mistress . “ She has always had this dog with her. It’s her little protégé, ”says Shelby , Donna’s granddaughter, to Inside Edition.

Donna determined to find her bitch, even without permission

The latter then had the rather brilliant idea of sneaking Patsy into the hospital. This sleight of hand was made possible by putting the dog under a blanket , a bit like a baby . At 21, Shelby was also considered a very convincing young mother . A ploy put in place, because Donna did not have the papers authorizing the arrival of her pet.

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