Dog walking in park finds newborn baby, a few hours old, abandoned under blanket

In England, a newborn baby was discovered in time to be saved thanks to a female dog. The master of the canine assures us that without the animal, he would never have realized that it was a child. The police are looking for the mother of the abandoned baby.

A baby born the same day and abandoned outside has been saved thanks to a female Siberian Husky, as reported by ITV on Monday.

64-year-old Terry Walsh was walking his dog Hel on the Kings Norton side in Birmingham last Thursday when the latter walked over to a rolled up blanket on the side of the road.

The man hadn’t paid any attention to it, thinking it was just a simple object. He realized that this was not trivial when Hel lay down next to the blanket and began to nudge him, acting very delicately. This is where the tears started emanating from it.

Stunned, Terry Walsh lifted the blanket and discovered the face of a newborn baby. He immediately alerted a woman passing by. The latter took the child in her arms while the sixty-year-old kept Hel by her side. They called the police.

The baby was dressed in a t-shirt and pants. According to the police, he was born a few hours before he was abandoned.

Without Hel, I wouldn’t have known. All I thought I saw was a rolled up blanket , ” Terry Walsh told ITV .

The child is in good health. He seems to have received all the neonatal care he needed before his abandonment. The authorities are looking for his mother, seen by witnesses and filmed by surveillance cameras. This is a 20-year-old young woman.

“Her baby is fine and in good hands, but the most important person in her life is her mother. Our priority is to find her, ”says Annie Miller of the local police.

As for Hel , she can be proud of what she has accomplished; she saved a life.

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(Photos: BPM Media / ITV)


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