Why does my dog cry?

Illustration : "Pourquoi mon chien pleure ?"

dogs may cry for a variety of reasons, but don’t show too much personification, because dogs don’t always cry like us.


dog cry: a way of communication. Why does my dog cry? My dog cries alone. My dog hears a sharp voice crying. My dog doesn’t pay attention to my dog crying. My dog cries because it’s boring. My dog cries because of pain. In short, what if my dog cries?

a crying dog will not cry. Of course, no, it will scream, howl, groan or be a wolf! There may be many reasons for this behavior… The cry of

dogs: a

way of communication. Dogs have many communication tools, including expressing their voice. In many cases, this is to express a kind of pain, whether deep or superficial!

in fact, a dog crying or a dog crying in front of his croquet bag is a very normal dog. It will express its impatience in a special way. However, for a dog who keeps crying for no obvious reason, so it’s time to ask yourself the right questions and take action instead of putting up with it!

why does my dog cry?

to understand why dogs cry, you must carefully observe the factors causing this behavior, as well as the environment and surrounding environment when dogs cry!

my dog cries alone

for dogs who have just arrived at their new home, this behavior of crying at night often occurs. We obviously can’t blame them! Nevertheless, they will spend a reassuring 24-hour close sibling relationship in a strange environment.

in this case, a comfortable nest must be prepared before taking the dog home, At home, you can provide your dog with a necklace or soothing pheromone diffuser, which can copy the information released by the mother in the natural state to comfort her cubs. Adaptil offers many solutions (necklaces, tablets, diffusers) to solve the stress problems of dogs and adult dogs.

these tools may help, but they can’t solve all the problems! In order to make your dog or dog quieter at night, when he is usually alone, even during the day, you need to reduce his sleep space and give him a safe place. At the same time, you must also teach him loneliness.

for example, when you go to work, don’t pay attention to your dog, don’t say goodbye to him, and don’t cover him with caress, which will give him pressure rather than reassure him! Similarly, when you come back, wait for your dog to calm down, and then say hello to him. Then, when you are away, give your dog something to let him understand that loneliness is positive, such as giving him an empty toy full of candy, etc.

my dog cries when he first hears the high pitched

, which sounds very interesting, but dogs communicate with each other. Sometimes, A voice close to a dog may cause you to “cry”. Kdspe receives suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

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