Alerted by the husband of a sick septuagenarian, a dog team intervenes and finds her in just 6 minutes!

Missing for 5 hours, an elderly woman was found and rescued thanks to the intervention of the Aube gendarme dog. The Belgian Shepherd Malinois only needed a few minutes to locate her.

This Monday afternoon, a resident of Marnay-sur-Marne (52) had noticed that his wife , aged 73 and prone to attacks of dementia , had left the house . He informed the gendarmes , and soldiers from the Chaumont company and the departmental road safety squadron quickly began the search.

Despite their efforts, the septuagenarian could not be found . Night had fallen and it was getting colder and colder . She had to be located and brought to her aid without further delay.

This is where the units of the Haut-Marne gendarmerie were joined by their colleagues from the dog team of the Romilly-sur-Seine brigade, in the neighboring department of Aube. It included Julius , a 6 year old Belgian Malinois Shepherd , and his dog handler Stéphane B.

She was conscious , but chilled with cold . The emergency services immediately warmed and examined her. She was out of danger thanks to brave Julius .

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The saving performance of this Belgian Malinois Shepherd Dog is another illustration of the essential character of the dogs which serve in the various search , rescue or defense units : gendarmerie, police, firefighters, armed forces … Not to mention, in another register , screening for diseases , even viruses , as is the case for four-legged Covid-19 detectors.


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