18 photos illustrating the beautiful friendship between a happy dog and a grumpy cat

Discovering the photos of Casper the Samoyed and Romeo his cat friend is pure happiness. Here are a few.

Their names are Casper and Romeo , and they’re best friends. The first is a beautiful Samoyed dog, always happy. The second is an equally happy and fulfilled cat, although it doesn’t really show on his face. Romeo indeed displays a cranky expression all the time.

The canine and the feline adore each other and are inseparable. They also have in common a beautiful white and bushy coat, however with some darker markings on the face and ears for the cat.

The duo live with their family in Christchurch , New Zealand, where they explore and hike through breathtaking natural sites. This is what we can realize by browsing the wonderful photos and videos posted on the Instagram account dedicated to them. The latter totals nearly 68,000 subscribers.

Images clearly showing the happiness they feel in being together, enjoying the great outdoors and living the moment to the full.

1. Romeo doesn’t like playing noughts and crosses at all

2. They do not need to be prayed for to exchange expressions of affection.

3. Romeo and Casper are very curious

4. If Casper always strives to look at the lens when taking a picture, Romeo is more interested in what his friend is doing.

5. They sleep in the same basket

6. Romeo tries to make him understand that he has to look elsewhere

7. They hate being separated, even by a single window

8. When one does something, the other immediately imitates it.

9. What a lovely welcoming committee!

10. Casper would be willing to take his friend Romeo absolutely everywhere

11. When one enjoys the view, the other prefers to remind everyone that it takes more to impress them.

12. Having Romeo on your head doesn’t bother Casper at all

13. One last glance at the camera before heading into the wheat field

14. Romeo is delighted to have both a friend and a comfortable means of transportation.

15. They love snow

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16. They also love lavender fields

17. A moment of respite before resuming the hike

18. And a last kiss for the road


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