How to educate her puppy?

The education of Illustration : "Comment éduquer son chiot ?" and

Puppies requires time, patience and attention. It uses simple principles that every owner must know. The following are some basic suggestions and concepts that can be included.


establishes a clear hierarchy, patiently sets restrictions, and complies with these restrictions when complying with

. Have you decided to adopt a puppy? We can only congratulate you, because dogs are great life partners. However, you must educate them in the best way as soon as possible, so that the years you are called together are happy for everyone.

has established a clear

hierarchy. As the offspring of wolves, dogs are animals that plan to live in groups, Establish a clear hierarchy; The chief and other members followed him and obeyed his authority.


were at home, which was a little different model. You are its master or mistress, but you can’t. trust, love and perseverance are the key words to bring a good balance to the dog. He must feel important and loved by all family members without letting them forget that he has rules to follow. Therefore, your education will help to establish a framework and strengthen the trust between the dog and family members.

if your dog does not live in this atmosphere of trust, it will disobey you and cohabitation may be very bad. So you need to reconsider your methods and methods. A well-educated dog who learned to respect its owner very early can only be a good partner, happy, flowering, well integrated into the family, and even become a full member of the family. Like a human baby. Puppies only need to learn, but they must be given enough time to adapt to all these new things that are not in line with their nature for some people: not meeting their needs anywhere, staying at home for a few hours a day, and so on. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

through work, understanding and repeated obedience exercises, and the final result will come.

sets limits and keeps consistent with them.

your puppy will soon need you to tell him not to exceed the limits. This relates in particular to his behavior towards others, which he learned at birth with his mother and other cubs. He realized that he could not push or bite without causing screams or groans. He gradually realized that he might be injured or injured, so it was important to avoid early withdrawal.

later, at home, he should know that some things should not happen, such as urinating in it, When you are at the table, jump on the guests or ask them for food. In this case, when a “no” is closed, it should not become “yes” the next day. There must be consistency between orders and prohibitions. Otherwise, it will cause confusion in the dog’s mind and encourage the development of bad behavior.


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, educate it and reward it by clicking

Positive reinforcement is the most effective method of dog education. This is to emphasize the correct behavior of dogs, encourage and reward them, rather than systematically punish them at the wrong time.

therefore, your main asset in the growth of your dog is encouragement and hospitality (biscuits, dog biscuits, dumplings, etc.), only give it to him when he acts in the expected way. Your partner will perform in a lively and pleasant way and know he will be happy. “

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