18 amazing photos of dogs trying to grab food in mid-flight

A photographer came up with the idea of taking pictures of dogs as they grabbed the treat being thrown at them. The result is surprising.

Since 2012, German photographer and journalist Christian Vieler has specialized in dog photography. The artist based in Waltrop , a town almost 10 km north of Dortmund , has several projects to his credit that feature canines as protagonists, including the one in question here.

This is a series of snapshots in which the dogs are photographed just as they are about to grab a kibble or a treat in mid-flight.

This results in amazing and funny portraits, where these animals display a distorted face and a surprising expression, mixing determination and excitement.

Here are 18 of these photos taken by Christian Vieler

1. This Australian Shepherd is getting ready to receive the kibble and to feast

2. His lips are upside down, but he managed to grab the treat.

3. This French Bulldog doesn’t miss a beat

4. Pupils dilated, mouth wide open … Everything is in position to catch the treat

5. He’s got his mouth watering

6. The exact moment he grabbed the kibble before swallowing it

7. He does not hide his perplexity in the face of such a number of targets to be caught simultaneously.

8. This Great Dane does not take his eyes off the lens

9. He caught her … Mission accomplished!

10. This Pug will not miss the delicious little cube that flies in his direction.

11. He has barely swallowed one, when the other treat has already taken off in his direction.

12. Successful reception, even if it came close to missing it.

13. This German Shepherd, he succeeded without the slightest addict

14. The face of this Great Dane is all distorted.

15. On this other photo too

16. This chocolate Labrador Retriever must, for his part, show dexterity if he wants to recover his treat.

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17. No problem for this Dalmatian, since the kibble landed directly on his tongue.

18. He caught several of them, which is certainly not to displease him


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