Stunned, this watches helplessly the creature carrying her favorite ball

Riette Creighton / Facebook

Lucy could not do anything to prevent the visitor of the day from stealing her favorite toy. An amazing encounter and a surreal scene that the dog’s family had the good idea to film.”

Riette Creighton lives in Onrusrivier in the Western Cape province of South Africa, with her family. The latter has an adorable dog called Lucy. The Creightons live very close to the seaside. Their 4-legged friend frequently enjoys pleasant outings on the beach, where she indulges in her favorite activity: playing with her tennis ball.”

On March 4, Lucy and her masters went, as usual, to this portion of Table Bay to spend a moment of relaxation and play.”

On this day, a surprise guest appeared in the shallow water. Very interested in what was happening on the sand, an octopus took advantage of the arrival of a wave to approach the family, especially the dog, at full speed. The cephalopod coveted something that was in his possession.”

Seeing it emerge from the waves, Lucy was literally speechless. So much so that his precious tennis ball fell out of his mouth. This was the opportunity the octopus was waiting for, and she didn’t miss it. In a loose motion, the marine animal unfolded one of its 8 tentacles and used it to grab the small yellow sphere. He then sank into the water with his loot.”

The disappointed, but she quickly moved on to something else

I think my reaction was the same as Lucy’s! I’ve never experienced anything like it,” Riette Creighton tells The Dodo. The dog could not do anything and neither could her mistress. They stood there watching for the possible reappearance of the ball for a good 20 minutes. A floating object was supposed to resurface at one time or another. But he had totally disappeared into the depths with the octopus.”

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Soon after, Lucy started running and playing on the beach again, as if nothing had just happened. The next morning, she and her owners returned to the scene with a new bullet. The episode of the previous day only elicited smiles. The dog certainly kept him in the corner of her head, but he didn’t stop her from continuing to do what she loves most.”

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