Grateful, this dog kisses the policewoman who came to his rescue

Summer has made a comeback. It is important to remind owners not to lock their pets in a car in direct sunlight, an act that could cost them their lives. In Loveland, Colorado, USA, a dog suffered from this condition.

High temperatures are generally harmful to our 4-legged companions. They can be victims of a terrible heat stroke: vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, tremors, lethargy, fever or even malaise are the main symptoms.

Sometimes the authorities discover a pet locked in a vehicle, without air or water. This was the case in Loveland. A passerby noticed a Doberman Pinscher in a van. She immediately called for help, reports CBS Denver .

The locked dog could have died

The brown-robed dog was strapped to the back seat, moaning and straining to breathe in the little air from a slightly open window. The temperature of the passenger compartment had exceeded 40 ° C … 3 police officers intervened urgently to free him from his death trap.

Once free, the quadruped drank the equivalent of 2 bottles of water. He was then placed inside an air-conditioned automobile. Authorities said the dog would almost certainly have died if no one had alerted them.

© Loveland Police Department

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Grateful to his rescuers, the survivor made a gentle and affectionate gesture: he gave a tender kiss to a policewoman, happy to have been able to lend him a hand. The touching moment was immortalized by one of his colleagues, who shared the cliché on social networks.

The owner of the animal, who was identified by the police, was summoned for having illegally confined him in his van.


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