While he had to be euthanized his owner asks for money when a charitable soul wishes to adopt his Pitbull!

Unable to let a dog be euthanized, a woman wishes to do a good deed by trying to save Luna, a Pitbull. Intended for the refuge then for euthanasia, the discussion with its owner is surprising!

Desperate to find a new owner for her dog before she moves in with her mother who does not tolerate the animal’s presence, an anonymous person posted an ad on social media to offer her dog to the adoption. Unfortunately for the bitch, if she was not wanted, the decision of her owner was made, she would end up at the shelter .

Touched by the ad she had seen on Reddit , a woman decides to contact the owner to save the dog . Thus initiating a discussion with the owner to have more information on the bitch.

There it is the shock! The owner indicates that at 7 years old, the Pitbull breed dog has not received any training . Owner of 2 dogs , the good soul begins to realize that the adoption of this old female will not be easy.

Still, she was ready to take her to avoid her being placed in a shelter . It was then that the owner indicated that she wanted to take a commission on the exchange with the lady. That is almost € 300 in adoption costs to which she added € 100 in accessories. In total, she claimed 400 €!

Negotiations then begin to save a female dog destined for euthanasia. If the woman hadn’t decided to pay this bitch, she couldn’t see herself leaving her to her fate. The owner does not budge, arguing that she had had a lot of expenses for her animal (vaccines, accessories).

Decided after a long discussion , the woman suggests that her cousin come and pick up the dog in exchange for a sum of € 100 . All that mattered was saving the poor bitch .

Recovered in a miserable condition , her accessories were poorly maintained . The two women then called for justice, accusing the owner of animal abuse . She seems to have neglected the care of her animal as well as the hygiene of its accessories.

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Safe and sound, the old female received veterinary care . She would be offered for adoption once her condition improved.


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