A firefighter sneaks into a 3-meter-deep pipe in an attempt to extract a trapped dog!

In California, firefighters rescued a dog in a bad posture, since he had found himself stuck in an irrigation pipe, buried several meters underground. Despite the difficulty of the task, they allowed the canine to escape unscathed and reunite with his family.

A dog whose situation seemed hopeless was finally returned to its owners safe and sound , thanks to the rapid and effective intervention of the Californian firefighters , as reported by People .

The canine’s misadventure began last Saturday (September 12) in the evening. The animal had entered an irrigation pipe and could not come out. The firefighters of the city of Modesto were notified shortly before 8 p.m. local time.

Aged and partially deaf , the dog was approximately 18 meters from the entrance to the conduit, in a narrow section, since the diameter is 45 cm . The whole is located at 2 and a half meters deep . The rescue operation therefore promised to be extremely difficult , which led the Modesto fire department to send a team specializing in interventions in confined spaces .

One of them slipped into the pipe for about fifteen meters, then managed to attract and retrieve the animal, which was exhausted and terrified . However, he did not suffer from any injuries and was thus able to find his family , 2 hours after the start of his ordeal.

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Even if Modesto is not one of the areas affected by the forest fires currently raging in the north of the state, as well as in neighboring Oregon, this rescue is an opportunity to remind that Californian firefighters provide daily assistance to animals threatened by flames since the start of the disaster.


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