Disfigured, this dog who could barely eat rediscovers the simple pleasures of life like love!

We do not know anything about Maverick’s past and what could have caused him to be disfigured in this way. Despite all the hardships, this dog with a bruised body clung to life. For this, he benefited from the help of organizations and people of unlimited benevolence.

Everyone who saw Maverick at the time he was taken in felt sorry for this dog . He lacked , in fact, a large part of the nose , but also of the mouth . He was also deprived of several teeth. Injuries that kept him from eating properly, but which vets said were old and starting to heal.

Maverick was also injured in the face, chest and shoulders. To make matters worse, he had heartworm and diabetes , reports The Dodo .

The dog was first taken to the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center in Texas, where the shelter vet stabilized him . Maverick was then transferred to another Texan shelter, the Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue , where he was taken care of by Amanda Dowell and her team of volunteers.

The quadruped continued his treatments and his state of health improved considerably. He was also vaccinated and sterilized , before being entrusted to a loving foster family from whom he learned to eat like his peers, despite the specificities of his mouth.

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When he’s ready, Maverick can be offered for adoption and start his new life.


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