Saint Hubert dog

Other names: Bloodhound, Chien des Flandres, Chien des Ardennes

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The Chien de Saint Hubert is a massive dog, large in size, more powerful than other scent hounds. It has a strong frame and well-developed musculature, but its imposing appearance is not associated with heaviness. On the other hand, the dog exudes a certain nobility. It has a rather elongated silhouette and is particularly recognizable by its abundant and drooping skin on the head and neck. The whole is harmonious and its paces are rather slow.



Photo: Chien de Saint Hubert dog on Woopets
Hair type Short
Origin Belgium
Template Giant
Head shape Round
Weight and size
Sex Weight Cut
Female From 40 kg to 48 kg From 58 cm to 66 cm
Male From 46 kg to 54 kg From 64 cm to 72 cm
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History of the breed

A very old breed , the Chien de Saint Hubert was very early selected as a scent hound for its infallible flair , robustness and endurance, especially for boar hunting. Excellent bloodhound, he met with great success in England . It was previously raised by the monks at the Abbey of Saint-Hubert, in the Ardennes , hence its name. In the United States, slavers in the southern states used it to pursue escaped slaves. He then was part of many police forces around the world, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. The breed of the Chien de Saint Hubert was definitively recognized by the FCI in August 1960.

Chien de Saint Hubert Pictures

Photo of Jox, Saint Hubert dogPhoto of Major, Chien de Saint Hubert

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Physical features

His hair: short, hard in texture, dense and well laid over the whole body. Even shorter and softer on the head and ears. A little longer on the underside of the tail.
Its color: can be either two-tone (black and tan or liver and tan), or unicolour red (light red to dark red).
His head: massive, noble, high, showing the bony structure well, with well flattened side faces and a square profile. The supple skin of the head is more abundant in males. The stop is not very marked.
His ears: very thin, elastic, set very low, falling in elegant folds, with short and soft hair, with long pavilions.
His eyes: dark brown or hazel, medium in size, oval in shape, with the iris fully visible.
Its body: writable in a rectangle, with the lines above and below almost parallel, the withers moderately marked, the back straight and solid, the kidney wide, short and slightly curved, the chest oval, broad and high, the belly very slightly raised.
Its tail: thick and thinning towards the end, long, set on high, carried like a saber, elegantly curved above the line of the back when the dog is in action.

Behavior and character

Barks / howls

Behavior with others

Cohabitation with children
Sociable with other animals
Love strangers

The Chien de Saint Hubert is a dog of great gentleness and remarkable kindness . Extremely attached to his master, he is rather sociable with his congeners and the other animals in his entourage. Its imposing proportions hide a great sensitivity. He is neither aggressive nor a big barker, although his tone of voice is well marked. He is at the same time an excellent hunting dog (his favorite field), companion and guard. It also stands out for its research faculties, in particular for the rescue of missing persons , the search for fugitives, but also for the detection of narcotics. His flair is incredibly developed.

Although nice, the Dog of Saint Hubert can sometimes be stubborn . His education must therefore be both firm and fair. However, one should not seek the balance of power, because it is extremely sensitive .

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Living conditions

Suitable for apartment living
Good for new masters
Love it hot
Love the cold

Due to its large size, the Chien de Saint Hubert does not really adapt to living in an apartment . This imposing dog needs space. It is addressed to a teacher who is available, active and understanding . He loves a family environment and gets along as much with children as with other family animals.


Ease of gaining weight

Robust and resistant dog, the Chien de Saint Hubert has good protection against bad weather thanks to its coat. On the other hand, certain diseases are to be watched in this breed, in particular eye conditions (entropion, ectropion). Atopic dermatitis (skin allergy) should also be taken seriously as well as bone problems such as patellar dislocation or hip dysplasia.

Hypoallergenic breed


Litter size


To protect you from these risks and insure your companion in the event of health problems, Woopets recommends dog insurance for Chien de Saint Hubert .

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Life expectancy

The life expectancy of a Saint Hubert Dog is, on average, less than 0 years.

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Maintenance and hygiene

Ease of maintenance
Cost of maintenance
Hair loss
Drool level
Ease of grooming

The Saint Hubert Dog only requires regular maintenance, especially in the ears , skin folds and eyes to prevent infections. This dog loses its hair regularly. Expect to use the vacuum cleaner often. Only regular brushing can curb this phenomenon.

He needs several daily outings . One alone is not enough to maintain your balance. However, it is better to avoid putting too much strain on it so as not to damage its bones and joints.

It is recommended to brush the dog weekly outside of the shedding period. During this, brushing becomes more frequent. The ears and the folds of the skin should also be cleaned every week.

Price and budget

Purchase price

900 €
€ 1,100

The purchase price of a Chien de Saint Hubert is between 900 € and 1100 €.

Annual maintenance cost


The annual maintenance cost of a Saint Hubert Dog is between NC and NC.

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Physical activity

Energy level
Potential to play


Master character <span class="btnTooltip qTip2" title="- Calm: the master must be gentle and know how to show patience.
– Active: the owner must be energetic and dynamic to live in harmony with his dog.
– Hyperactive: the owner must be stimulating and very restless to suit the temperament of his dog.”>

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