Thanks to her assistance dog, a young woman can finally visit Disneyland

This service dog often visits Mickey and Minnie with his sick owner. The more he sets foot in Disneyland, the more he seems unperturbed and committed to the cause of the owner. A woman who appreciates these moments of conviviality and tenderness with her dog, which literally changed her life.

Jessica Paulsen suffers from PTSD (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). Disease affecting the heart and heart rate depending on its posture. Since 2017, she can count on the daily support of Henry , a service dog who allows her to increase her body tension when it is decreasing, to reduce the duration of fainting or even her episodes of nausea .

As often, the couple works wonderfully. From the start, the bond was established . Together, they do not hesitate to go to many public places . One of their favorite places is Disneyland in Los Angeles . Recently, they set foot there for the sixth time . They took advantage of this sunny day to take some pictures that can make you smile.

Henry is learning more and more to control his arousal

They are thus in the company of Mickey and Minnie . Henry also proudly wears Dumbo’s ears . The two took pictures of themselves in front of the famous castle . It also allows Henry to learn to take it upon himself. To relieve stress which would be logical surrounded by thousands of people. He gets used to not being dispersed when his one and only goal is to take care of his mistress.

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The first time, Henry was too excited. It was cute, but it didn’t bode well for his training. He’s still not perfect, ”but has made incredible progress according to Jessica , in comments to The Dodo. Obviously, she measures the luck of having such an animal by her side. Such physical, emotional support. Such a friend.


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