Dentures stolen from the mouth, this dog gives us his most beautiful smile

Luna is a real mischievous bitch. She was quick to show it to her family, who recently adopted her. His latest issue might have made our teeth cringe, but on the contrary, it makes everyone smile.

A few months ago, Luna the bitch was still living on the streets in Brazil, as The Dodo tells us. The wandering is however only a memory for her, since she was adopted by Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé. His new family adores him and it is mutual.

Recently, Anna Carolina went to spend a few days with her grandmother , accompanied by her mother and, of course, Luna . The bitch quickly found her marks there, so much so that, one day, her mistress decided to leave her with her grandma to have lunch outside.

The latter wanted a nap and hid her dentures under her ear, so as not to lose it. When he woke up, however, he was no longer in his place . Anna Carolina’s grandmother and mother searched everywhere for him for hours without success. When the young woman came home and was told that the dentures were gone, she immediately thought of Luna , who had been unusually discreet for quite some time. His suspicions were founded …

Anna Carolina has, in fact, found the bitch quietly sitting on an armchair, her grandmother’s dentures in her mouth .

Seeing her wearing this strange smile , she could not help laughing .

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Luna didn’t want to return the dentures at all, but Anna Carolina eventually took them out. Fortunately, it was intact . The first concerned, the grandmother of Anna Carolina in this case, also burst out laughing. She didn’t blame him at all . In the family, “ we love animals, ” her granddaughter concluded.


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